We aim to promote a balanced and sustainable economic environment that is one of the cornerstones of sustainable development.


We look to protect the natural environment, human and ecological health while driving economic development and innovation.


We strive to create a sustainable community by supporting human rights, environmental law, public involvement and participation.

Institute for Sustainable Development

Institute for Sustainable Development is a Georgian independent think tank.

Our mission is to promote Environmental, Social and Economic sustainability in Georgia and play a vital role in transforming the country’s direction towards sustainability.

Through integrating economic, environmental and social objectives, we use our resources, knowledge and services to create a more equitable and sustainable society in Georgia.

SUSTAINABILITY.GE represents an awareness-raising platform of the Institute for Sustainable Development. With this platform, we aim to present the information, news, opportunities, and challenges that are connected to business, economics, society, and the environment.


Our Eco-Map promotes environmental, sustainable, and eco-friendly initiatives, entities, and businesses in Georgia. Our map enables/provides easy access to trustworthy and reliable businesses committed to sustainability and transparency.


Our Academy is ISD’s flagship educational platform and initiative. We bring together experts and professionals to create reliable, versatile, and valuable content about the three pillars of sustainable development: economy, environment, and society.


Circular Economy
Social Entrepreneurship
Corporate Responsibility
Climate Change
Sustainable Finance
Circular Economy
Corporate Responsibility
Sustainability Reporting
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Green Drinks Tbilisi
Corporate Responsibility

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Through integrating economic, environmental, and social objectives, we use our resources, knowledge, and services to create a more equitable and sustainable society in Georgia.

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Explanatory Dictionary (in Georgian) of words and terms used in the field of Sustainable Development.

Sustainable dictionary


Eco-Map is an online platform through which the society will be introduced to ecological sites and eco-friendly facilities in Georgia.





Eco-map Georgia

SDG Platform

Private sector activities related to SDGs will be published on the platform.

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Organizing Sustainable Development Summit in Georgia, which will bring together different sectoral representatives and will form a platform for discussion and experience sharing.

Business Representatives

Government Representatives



Institute was formally established

On 20th of May, 2021, Institute for Sustainable Development was formally registered as a non-profit organization by the LEPL National Agency of Public Registry.

Annual Meeting of the platform

On 29th December 2020  was held the annual meeting of the platform Among attendees were our members, contributors, and people interested in the platform activities. We provided them with detailed information regarding our vision and goals, current projects, and plans. Furthermore, we discussed partnership and collaboration opportunities with donors, experts, and contributors. At the […]

Platform was established is a platform of ISD which plays a vital role in pursuing our goals. was established in May 2020 by Levan Pangani and carries out efficient activities to raise awareness about Sustainable Development among Georgian society. Our purpose is to make clear opportunities and challenges related to  Business, Society, Economics, and the Environment.  […]