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Institute for Sustainable Development

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Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) is registered as a Non-entrepreneurial (Non-commercial) Legal Entity. ISD encompasses different platforms through which it works and strives for achieving its main goal: promoting Sustainable Development in Georgia.

Our mission is to promote Environmental, Social and Economical sustainability in Georgia and play a vital role in transforming the country’s economic and political direction towards sustainability.

Through integrating economic, environmental and social objectives, we use our resources, knowledge and services to create a more equitable and sustainable society in Georgia.

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Learn more about our focus areas where we strive for impact. We believe in individual as well as collective responsibilities towards our planet and bringing extensive experience from business, government and academia make our work transformational.

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Meet our people. Our change agents bring experience from business, government, and academia and truly believe in positively contributing to the economy, environment, and society. We have a research and associates team, supported by the operations team and guided by advisors.

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